Plan de ataque para la City


Este es HOY (20/11/06, Día del comienzo de la Revolución de 1910 en México) el plan de ataque para la Embajada Mexicana en Londres:



Here is the reminders


1.     swipe the card to get in the CAP building

2.     Go up to Floor 1 and find lab 1.11 (turn left and lab 1.11 is at the end of corridor)

3.     The code to get in the lab is 7986

4.     check the time on the yellow stop-watch before you start

5.     open the incubator door and unscrew all the bottles (4 of them: labelled from left to right à red, black, blue and H2O)

6.     Take the pipette (make sure the reading is 100) and put a new tip on

7.     Take 1ml from the bottle to the tube provided (ex. Red bottle à red tube..etc)

8.     Remember to change new tip each time!

9.     After filling 3 tubes, take 1ml of distilled water from the bottle labelfed H2O to red bottle, black bottle and blue bottle)  

10. Put the tubes (3 of them) to a light-sealed box

11. Take the time from the yellow stop-watch and fill on the form provided (remember to add 24 hr on Saturday and 48 hr on Sunday)

12. Finally, remember to check the incubator is still shaking before you leave! =)

 Un abraX Revolucionario,
Norwich, GB
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