… without a party, and without the participation of a mass base, is a sacrifice in vain.

   The EZLN is certainly a positive development in world events. 
MIM has noted that the EZLN is fighting the single-party 
rule of the PRI which is pro-imperialist,fascist,and unconcerned 
with the plight of indigenous Mexicans. 
The struggles in Chiapas are proletarian struggles.It is
inspiring and encouraging to see the oppressed fight back and to a
certain extent, the EZLNês use of the media has contributed to the
raising of consciousness about the oppression of Third World peoples.
They have liberated territory, and their example, their organizing
efforts and their propagandizing is encouraging campesinos and
working-class Mexicans to organize and fight back.(But fight back
against what?  And with what kind of strategy? I will come back to these
   But I think one of the biggest problems with the EZLN is that they are
far too beholden to bourgeois ideology,i.e.,First World opinion and
First World aid. From the beginning of the January •94
uprising,Subcomandante Marcos (as official spokesperson for the
Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee³General Command, CCRI-GC,
of the EZLN) was quick to distance the EZLN from the FMLN,the URGN of
Guatemala,or any other armed movements in Latin America,North
America,Europe,Africa,Asia,or Australia.(1) As if the EZLN had to prove
its purity: indigenous and homegrown, uncorrupted by outside
agitators.(MIM has disagreements over strategy. But agrees that the
Zapatistasê struggle is a righteous blow against imperialism.) Marcos
has elsewhere denied any EZLN connection with Cuba. It appears that the
CCRI-GC does not want the EZLN to be identified with anything that
smacks of communism (shudder,shudder).On the other hand, the CCRI-GC
welcomes and praises NGOs from foreign countries working in Chiapas.
Speaking for the CCRI-GC, Subcomandante Marco sent a letter to President
Clinton (dated 13 January 1994) explaining to him that the extensive
military aid the US government sends to Mexico is being used not, as
President Clinton may believe,to fight and pursue drug traffickers, but
to murder the indigenous people in the Mexican Southeast and repress
their struggle.The letter goes on to explain –We donêt receive any aid
from foreign governments, people or organizations.
We have nothing to do with national or 
international drug trafficking or terrorism.
The letter ends with a plea to President Clinton not to –cover your hands
with our blood by being accomplices of the Mexican government.”(2)
In 1995, the U.S. sent the following military equipment to Mexico:25
military vehicles;24 Huey helicopters; $27 million worth of airplanes,
armaments,radars and communication systems.
   The U.S. has a covert operations team in Chiapas working with the
Mexican military.The U.S. Army has been bringing Argentine mercenaries
to Chiapas.The CIA fields a substantial network of agents and 
covert operatives in southeastern Chiapas, according to 
ex-CIA officers John Stockwell and Ralph McGehee.(3) 
We can clearly conclude that Subcomandante Marcosê appeal to 
President Clintonês sense of justice was ineffective,or,to be blunt,
a complete failure. Why? Because whatever individual presides
 in the State Department, be it Democrat of Republican, be it 
Bill Clinton or Jesse Jackson, (or even if it were, by some miracle, 
Mao Zedong risen from the dead) the purpose and function of
 the United Snakes government is to maintain the imperialist system
 that oppresses and exploits, among others, the indigenous peoples
 of Chiapas (as well as Blacks, Latinos, and First World nations 
within Amerikkka.) Subcomandante Marcos himself has written:
   –And what tribute does this land [Chiapas] pay to various empires?  Oil,
electric energy, cattle, money, coffee, bananas, honey, corn, cocoa,
tobacco, sugar, soy, melons, sorghum, [illegible], mangos, tamarind,
avocados and Chiapan blood flows out through 1001 fangs sunk into the
neck of southeastern Mexico.  Billions of tons of natural resources go
through Mexican ports, railway stations, airports, and road systems to
various destinations: the United States, Canada, Holland, Germany,
Italy, Japan ³ but all with the same destiny: to feed the empire.The
dues that capitalism imposes on the southeast corner of the country ooze
out, as they have since the beginning, mud and blood.
–A handful of businesses, among them the Mexican state, take their mark
of death and disease: in 1989, the financial fang got a filling worth
1,222,699,000,000 pesos [$407,566,000], and only left behind
613,340,000,000 pesos [$205,433,000] in credit and works.  More than 600
billion pesos [$200,000,000] went to the stomach of the beast.”(4)
   Indeed, Chiapas is exploited by both the Mexican national bourgeoisie
and the international bourgeoisies. A very good portrait, or case study,
of imperialist exploitation. Yet nowhere in the four Declarations from
the Lacandon Jungle will you find the words –imperialism” or
–anti-imperialism.”  The oppression of the indigenous peoples of Chiapas
 is defined as a –Mexican” problem.  The enemy named is the –bad
government” of Mexico. This is an insufficient analysis. The enemy is
much larger than the government of Mexico. It is internationally
organized. The CCRI-GC knows this. Again, it does appear that they are
reluctant to offend the refined sensibilities of the Amerikkkan people
or government. This sort of diplomacy wonêt help the people of Chiapas
very much.
   On the other hand, there is very little to be gained (other than some
handouts from NGOs and Amerikan liberal-left organizations) from the
EZLNês reluctance to have any association whatsoever with any other
liberation movements. The EZLN should consider studying the 
experiencesof the PCP and the CPP, and consider initiative dialogues 
with them. The
army that brutalizes and murders peasants in Peru is trained and
financed by the same United Snakes government that sends military aid to
the Mexican Army. The pigs that murder, torture and imprison Blacks in
Amerika are part of the same imperialist system as the Mexican Army.
Yes, Comandante Marcos, if the EZLN took a proletarian internationalist
stand against imperialism (which is also international), it would offend
a great many North Amerikans who materially benefit from imperialist
oppression; and the U.S. Government would,more than likely,accuse the
EZLN of being a communist organization. So what? What have they done for
you?  You might lose the aid of some NGOs; but you might advance the
struggle against imperialism that is oppressing the majority of the
worldês population.
   To quote MIM: –In MIMês opinion the EZLN must study the historical
instances in which other groups almost identical to them, in all of
Latin America, have attempted the same guerrilla warfare without a
party, and without the participation of a mass base, is a sacrifice in
vain.  Many have given their lives to confused and wrong ideas.”(7)
1.  Shades of Tender Fury:  The Letters and Communiques of Subcomandante
Marcos and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, 1995: Monthly
Review Press, p. 56.
2. Ibid., pp. 71-2.
3.  Information sheet compiles by the St. Louis Inter-faith Committee on
Latin America.
4.  op cit., p. 33.
5. MIM Notes, Oct. 1995, –MIM Answers EZLN survey” p. 5
6. Available from a web page on the Zapatistas
7. MIM Notes Oct. 1995, op. cit.

Antes que todo, para que vean que de este lado (No es ni zapato, ni Amarillo,

Ni azul, aunque sea de Tampico, ni nada, bueno sí algo pero es difícil de



Bueno, otra veX una lectura me hace sentir cristales molidos en la chompa.

¡Vaya que soy ingenuo!, siempre estuvo ahí latente puesta a que

la leyera, desvelando (¿o será develando?) una que otra verdad evidente.


Alright, ya bien me lo ha dicho el Carpintero: soy un atrabancado.

¿Qué bendita necesidad de dirigirme a ustedes? ¿Acaso no ha repetido

una y otra vez el maestro que no son interlocutores? Right! De ahora en

adelante a las terceras personas que quiero dirigirme es a "los oXtros".

Sí, los valedores, los compas, los cámaradas, ñeros (yeah, yeah!

¿qué no terminó ya la lucha de clases? Mmmmm, perdone su mercé,

 tenía que dejar uno de esos con el que ya me identifican).


Oigan, según el escrito la CIA monitorea a los zapatos, pero luego

tenemos que en la entrevista a Democracy Now, La Poni y el Paco Nacho

 insinuan socarronamente que el Sup es un espía de ellos, y mis compas

acá cuando me dicen que ya me quite la capucha (pasamontañas pues,

ya ven que luego se presta a dobles sentidos, y eso sí no lo permito)

me repiten lo mismo.


Ustedes (por última veX, no se emocionen, ya después lo busco

yo solito) que me están retroalimentando tan “eficientemente”.

¿Me podrían dar esa liga, please? Ah, sin maletín “relleno”.

No quiero terminar en el botiquín.






Desde un encapuchado cielo nocturno.


Norwich, GB.




… Caballeros Templarios en el ‘55


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