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… I did know what the end was going to be …

Leave me alone     On Wednesday Stef Penney won the coveted Costa Book of the Year award. She tells Stephen Moss about her long battle with agoraphobia, why she shuns celebrity – and why this could be her last … Continue reading

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… The situation on the church provokes a riot on the streets …

El ángel exterminador (1962)   El ángel exterminador ("The exterminating angel") is the second of the three movies that were produced by Luis Buñuel, starring Silvia Pinal, and produced by her husband Gustavo Alatriste. It was produced after the success … Continue reading

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… y creo que acaso al fin lo he logrado, Hoy Mi Deber Era (Silvio Rodríguez) Hoy mi deber era cantarle a la patriaalzar la bandera, sumarme a la plazahoy era un momento más bien optimista un renacimiento, un sol de conquistapero tu me faltas hace tantos … Continue reading

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… US power fades …,,2004169,00.html     As US power fades, it can’t find friends to take on Iran     Washington has exaggerated Tehran’s capabilities and intentions in Iraq. It is confused and frustrated   Jonathan Steele Friday February 2, 2007 The Guardian … Continue reading

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El cuento perfecto (reeditado)

  Life is getting esoteric, … Someone mixes metaphors, … Life is so much cleaner on the page.   On the page (Chroma Key)       “El Cuento perfecto”.   La mujer maravilla, El manifiesto capitalista, una estrella oscura, … Continue reading

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“…la noticia cae nítida, inesperada…”         La muerte tiene permiso de Edmundo Valadés, un microcuento modelo en la narrativa mexicana del siglo XX Claudia Macías RodríguezUniversidad de Guadalajara (México)       Localice en este documento   El cuento La muerte … Continue reading

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