“…bowing their heads in tearful prayer during their final minutes on air.”


Second Venezuela TV is under fire

kneel as riot police spray them with water in

of protesters clashed with police across the country


Venezuela‘s government has accused a TV station of inciting a murder attempt on President Hugo Chavez,
hours after taking another network off the air.

said footage shown on Globovision
implicitly called for Mr Chavez to be killed.
The station denies
the claim.

fired tear gas and plastic bullets as thousands protested across the country
against the earlier closure of
Venezuela‘s oldest TV network.

Chavez said Radio Caracas TV (RCTV) had tried to undermine his government.

eyes CNN

Communications Minister William Lara said Globovision had called
for the death of Mr Chavez by airing footage of the 1981 assassination attempt
against Pope John Paul II with the song "This Does Not Stop Here"
sung by Ruben Blades, now Panama’s tourism minister.

"The conclusion of the specialists … is that (in this
segment) they are inciting the assassination of the president of
Venezuela," Mr Lara said, as he filed a
lawsuit against the news network at the state prosecutor’s office.

closure is] a major setback to democracy and pluralism


Without Borders

government was also suing the
US station CNN for allegedly linking Mr Chavez to
al-Qaeda, Mr Lara said.

"CNN broadcast a lie which linked President Chavez to
violence and murder,"

a statement, CNN said they "strongly deny" being "engaged in a
campaign to discredit or attack

director Alberto Federico Ravell rejected the
accusations against his station as "ridiculous".

was the only TV station to air footage of a large demonstration against the
government’s growing control over the media.


protests are continuing across
Venezuela after Mr Chavez refused to renew the licence of RCTV.

one of the largest demonstrations in the capital,
Caracas, police fired tear
gas and rubber bullets at up to 5,000 protesters, some of whom tossed rocks and
bottles at police.

seconds of RCTV’s closure, the insignia of a new state-sponsored broadcaster,
TVES, appeared. Fireworks exploded across
Caracas, as Chavez supporters celebrated the end of RCTV.

president says the new channel will better reflect his socialist revolution but
RCTV and rights groups say Mr Chavez is limiting
freedom of expression.

Employees of Venezuela‘s most watched channel embraced and
chanted "freedom", before bowing their heads in tearful prayer during
their final minutes on air.

to the country’

Germany, which holds the European Union presidency, expressed
concern over Mr Chavez’s decision.

Menard, from International media rights group Reporters Without Borders, said
the closure was a "major setback to democracy and pluralism".

a broadcast all of the country’s TV stations were obliged to run, Mr Chavez
said it had been his decision to shut down the station because it had become
"a threat to the country".

Chavez supporters

Venezuelans back Mr Chavez’s decision

RCTV’s general manager Marcel Granier said Mr Chavez was acting
illegally and described the move as "abusive" and

will still be available on cable, but losing its public broadcast frequency
will deprive it of most of its audience.

new state-sponsored channel TVES launched with programmes that Mr Chavez said
would better reflect society, including a film about independence hero Simon

government provided $4m (£2m) of funding for the new station’s launch.

Mr Chavez says private stations such as RCTV were involved in a
coup that nearly toppled him five years ago and that they have since tried to
bring down his government.

* – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – *

OK. Parece que
seguimos extraviados. Lo que funciona en los analistas hoy en día, es la
memoria de corto plazo, la inmediatez, tal como lo establecí en la primera
entrega de este BLOG. Gentlemen, ¿no había anunciado el gobierno de la
república BOLIVARIANA de Venezuela que, según reportes de inteligencia, A LA
SORDA se “organizaba” un golpe de Estado preparado y financiado por ya saben

Liguen, liguen
noticias, please. ¿No es cierto que en 2002 uno de los principales
protagonistas del intento de derrocamiento fue ese canal de Televisión que
ahora todos defienden? Sobre todo los DOBLE MORAL de siempre. ¿’Tonz? ¿Les
suena ahora derrocamiento
PLUS cadena de Televisión? La coyuntura no le dejaba márgen de maniobra (ojo,
no lo estoy apoyando, creo en la libertad de expresión, pero no bajo TODA
circunstancia), era el Estado de Venezuela como hasta hoy se conoce o una
cadena de Televisión pro-golpista. Ese era precisamente el dilema. No iba a pasar
demasiado tiempo en que infiltrados trataran de sembrar el descontento primero,
luego las protestas generalizadas, la violencia y el derrocamiento, todo ello
apoyado por la maquinaria bien aceitadita de la Televisión PRIVADA. ¡Ah! Y los
vende-patrias de siempre, como esos que en México actúan a la sombra sin dar la
cara a plena luz del día como hacemos todos los RENEGADOS.

Todo está dicho
(Espero que Benson & Hedges no me lleve a corte por plagio, voy a tratar de
buscar la contraparte en Latín, que me gusta tanto como el Castellano).


Norwich, U(n)


P.D.CONDOR. "In my obssesion against THEM, I even
went to FOREIGN cities to persecute them". Acts 26:11 (NIV).

… golpe
de ariete.

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