“Psychopats crave power and prestige, and are extremely controlling.”

The word
psychopath strikes fear into the hearts of most ordinary individuals conjuring
up images of axe-wielding mass murderers or sexual predators stalking the wards
of prison isolation wings.

But that
is far from the whole truth and one of the world’s experts on psychopaths
arrived in
Cardiff on Tuesday with some disturbing news.


The psychopaths in suits

By Joanna Hill-Tout

BBC News Online

The word
psychopath strikes fear into the hearts of most ordinary individuals conjuring
up images of axe-wielding mass murderers or sexual predators stalking the wards
of prison isolation wings.

But that is far from the whole
truth and one of the world’s experts on psychopaths arrived in Cardiff
on Tuesday with some disturbing news.

In a
talk entitled Snakes in suits: when psychopaths go to work, Professor Robert
Hare from
Canada argued that psychopaths may not be what we think they

And as BBC News Online found out,
they can exist successfully in every walk of life.

not worried about security – if they were going to get me they would have got
me by now."

These were the words of the
world’s leading authority on psychopathy before he gave a talk in front of a
packed out lecture theatre at Cardiff

Robert Hare, who is a Professor
of Psychology at the University of British
Columbia in Canada,
has spent most of his working life studying psychopaths – a dangerous
occupation, it seems.

first one I met at a maximum security prison in
Canada stared at me so hard I felt like I was being pushed up
against the wall," he said.

he got a knife out and was moving it around in front of me.

didn’t know what I was getting myself into."

And he has been "into
it" for the past 25 years.

You can
spot them quite easily in the workplace
– so you may want to think
about people you know Professor Robert Hare

But you would never guess this
diminutive, unassuming man has been in contact with real life Hannibal Lecters.

get interested in me – and blame me that they’re in prison," he said.

had death threats as a result but I keep going – what can you do?"

So was Professor Hare in Cardiff
to warn us about the proliferation of psychopaths in Welsh prisons? No, but they could be in your office right now.

are defined as a person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in
aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behaviour without empathy or

Is your
boss a psychopath? Here are just some of the tell tale signs

They are

lack specific goals

have superficial relations with people

They are

They are

crave power and prestige

lack empathy

lack remorse

They lie

have predatory instincts

They are
cool under pressure

seek excitement and thrills

take credit for the work of others

They fly
into rages

And Professor Hare, along with
colleague Dr Paul Babiak, has developed a new 107-point questionnaire – the
B-Scan – which can enable people like you and me to identify which desks those
smooth-talking, manipulative colleagues might be hiding behind.

normally associate psychopaths with death but they’re not always in
prison," he said.

Former Daily Mirror tycoon Robert
Maxwell, who stole £400m from pension funds to help his ailing companies, was
named as a classic example of a man in a powerful position who might very well
have displayed psychopathic traits.

So what
should we be looking out for?

to Professor Hare psychopaths are impulsive – they lack empathy and remorse.

crave power and prestige, and are extremely controlling.

described them as "knowing the words but not the music."

can learn to use ordinary words and to reproduce the pantomime of feeling but
the feeling itself does not come to pass."

So is he describing your boss?

They interview well, they get
into organisations by using people as pawns, sweet talking patrons and creating

don’t see any difference between the people I meet in prison and those in
business," he added.

should we be running for the hills?

You have
been warned.


What makes a psychopath?

By Caroline Ryan

BBC News Online health staff

Parent and children Good
relationships with adults as children are ‘crucial’

Many people tell the odd white
lie – taking a day off "sick" or halving the amount they spend on a
shopping trip

But most feel a little bit guilty
about the deception.

Scientists have now found that
twinge of conscience can be seen in increased activity in the brain.

In short, it takes
more effort to lie than to tell the truth.

“If they have had at least one
good relationship with an adult figure, they don’t become delinquent”.

If they
have had at least one good relationship with an adult figure, they don’t become
delinquent Dr Sean Spence. But people with psychopathic tendencies find lying
as easy as telling the truth.

The reason is that when children develop the ability to deceive – around the
age of three of four – they also develop the ability to empathise.

But researchers say people with aggressive and antisocial personality
disorders do not develop this ability, and therefore they have no moral

They say traumatic experiences
and a lack of contact with understanding adults could be to blame.

‘Deception is OK’

The reasons why some people
become psychopathic will be discussed at a conference in Sheffield
entitled "Psychopathy and the Problem of Evil".

Dr Sean
Spence of the
University of Sheffield, who is chairing the conference, has found parts of the
frontal lobe area of the brain are more active when someone was lying than when
they were telling the truth.

He will prevent evidence
confirming earlier studies which showed the neurological activity involved in

Dr Spence said: "When we’re lying, there is a moral part of us that
doesn’t wish to manipulate others or take advantage of them.

psychopaths, there is no activity in that area of the brain, and deception is
OK to them.

don’t have any qualms about doing it."

He said
a lack of adults displaying empathy towards them as children meant psychopaths
could not learn from example, and developed the aggressive antisocial
personality disorder.

they have experienced gross sexual abuse of severe physical violence, they may
never have been in contact with the feeling of empathy."

Dr Spence said ‘good parenting’
was a crucial part of preventing these tendencies developing.

if people have had an experience such as sexual abuse, if they have had at
least one good relationship with an adult figure, they don’t become

Diet and exercise

diets could also influence whether people develop psychopathic tendencies,
experts say.

The conference will hear from
Professor Adrian Raine, a psychologist from the University
of California.

He gave a group of
three-year-olds from Mauritius
a programme of an enriched diet, exercise and cognitive stimulation – being
read to and involved in conversation.

By the age of 11, they showed
increased activity on brain scan readings, and by 23, they were 64% less likely
than a group of children who had not been on the programme to have criminal

Professor Raine said: "This
is not a silver bullet to solving crime and violence, but I think it’s
certainly one of the ingredients.

take-home point is that the seeds of crime are sown early in life."

Spence added that alcohol or drug abuse could also cause damage to the brain
and cause psychopathic behaviour.

But he said that even people who had never before shown any signs of
psychopathic behaviour could behave very cruelly in extreme situations.

"In Rwanda,
around 800,000 people were killed in 100 days.

"Most people doing the
killing had been ‘normal’ before – it was something in their environment that

* – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – *
– * – * – * – * – * – * – *

Mmm. Me temo que urge un diván en Los
. El Presidente legal está transando con viudas negras, tepocatas,
cuatro narices, alacranes y todo lo peorcito de las alimañas. Cómo si no
existiera toda una estela de traición, violencia, destrucción y muerte
acompañando el andar de los susodichos interlocutores. ¿Acaso alguno de ellos
se ha mantenido fiel a una sola promesa? Caso perdido.

Es por ello comp@as, que les comparto el perfil típico de un psicópata, que
en esta ocasión aplicamos a los políticos, pero que, como anteriormente abordamos
en el blog, se aplica principalmente en los negocios (recuerden el documental
The Corporation). Sobre todo en las grandes empresas desreguladas que reciben
“incentivos fiscales” y que ustedes van a pagar con la nueva reforma fiscal.

Pues bien, el primer mandatario con tal de obtener las “reformas
estructurales” prometidas negocia con sus contrincantes;
bueno, rivales en el papel nada más. ¿Acaso inconscientemente dije negocia? No,
‘iñor. Es mucho pedir una estrategia
por cierto, desconocen tal terminología. Hoy en día en la “alta
polaca” se aplica la táctica (porque ni a estrategia llega) de la zanahoria y
el garrote (sin doble albur de por medio).

Así, el gobierno en turno golpea con el desconocimiento la candidatura en
uno de los estados norteños, amaga con una extradición, permite socarronamente
a destiempo una investigación judicial en la suprema corte, deja a la buena de
DIOS un conflicto magisterial, y un largo etcétera. Y no es que sean tontos o
bien intencionados. Por falta de pericia política están más que temerosos, y no
saben como deshacer el entuerto en que se ha convertido la república. Quiero
enfatizar lo que les he venido afirmando: el
gobierno Mexicano es un gobierno acorralado.
Como son malos lectores en
cuanto a sutilezas políticas, piensan que el pueblo es tonto y no entiende
perfectamente que hubo un fraude descomunal.

De tal modo comp@s, que el chantaje político es inútil. Lamentablemente, no
es que los psicópatas sean brillantes, en eso difiero con la mayoría de los analistas.
Niet, de lo que carecen es del remordimiento
necesario (como parte de una sociedad sana) cuando ejecutan un acto
impropio. El sentimiento de culpa con el que contamos todos los bien nacidos.
Estos delincuentes en las altas esferas políticas seguramente ya notaron la
debilidad de mando, si se les presenta la oportunidad van a tomar el poder, no
lo duden. ¿Recuerdan la publicación de un golpe de estado en la capital del
país publicado en el WSJ? ¿Ya se les olvidó el “fuego amigo” maquinado desde el
congreso por “la coyota” contra nuestro anterior mandatario? ¿No estaba este
mismo defensor de narcos tratando de
encontrar un resquicio constitucional para revocar el mandato del

En cuanto a nosotros los renegados. Estamos en el camino correcto mientras
manifestemos nuestro descontento. A casi un año del fraude electoral las
protestas no han disminuido. Recuerden que estos psicópatas no son ni súper
hombres ni mujeres maravilla. Deben el poder que tienen a oscuras alianzas
inconfesables, que tienen como común denominador la complicidad. Hay muchos
intereses económicos de por medio. Por ello, no me canso de mencionarlo, como
primer paso el boicot económico es una buena estrategia; pero necesita de una
poderosa aliada, el boicot necesita de la ayuda de Doña Solidaridad (la misma
que prostituyó otro chaparrillo y peloncillo sin lentes). Aislados somos poca
cosa, unidos seremos invencibles, nos falta eso comp@s. Carecemos de unidad en
nuestros esfuerzos boicoteros, sólo entonces tomaremos lo que nos arrebataron
el 2 de Julio de 2006: La Democracia.


Norwich, G(reat) B(oss);


P.D.CULINARIA. "…hoy quiero SABOREAR mi dolor…" – El Triste
(José José).

P.D.VIOLENTA. "…Te Amaré aunque no sea la PAZ…" – Te Amaré
(Silvio Rodríguez).

P.D.JUDAS. "…one man BETRAYED with a KISS…" – PRIDE (In the
name of LOVE) (U2).

P.D.CALCULADORA. Tiempo estimado de decodificación: 72 horas.

Pilona Tatuada:

Ponme como un sello sobre tu corazón,

Como una marca sobre tu brazo;

Porque fuerte es como la muerte el amor;

Cantar de los Cantares 8:6. Cipriano de Valera (1569).

… ¿No hay otra alternativa, verdad?

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