¿Por quién doblan las campanas? (2)

¿Por quién doblan las campanas?

P.D.MALINCHISTA. “…porque no habéis andado en mis estatutos, ni habéis
obedecido mis decretos, sino según las costumbres de las naciones que os rodean
habéis hecho.” Ezequiel 11:12 (Casiodoro de Reina, 1569).


P.D.PEÑITAS. "…So many STORMY nights…" – Who’s Crying Now




P.D.OCEANOGRAFICA. "…¿Quién fuera Jacques Cousteau?/¿Quién fuera NEMO
el Capitán?/¿Quién fuera el BATiscafo de tu ABISMO?/¿Quié fuera EXPLORADOR?…" – ¿Quién fuera?
(Silvio RodrígueX).




P.D.PARVULA. "…YOU have to learn to CRAWL/before YOU learn to
WALK…" – Amazing (Aerosmith).





… if you DIE with BLOOD on
your HANDS…














Koufax kicks. He delivers.




It’s up the middle, it’s a
base hit.




Richardson’s rounding first!

He’s going for second!




The ball’s in to deep right




Davidson, over in the corner,

cuts the ball off!



                   _Here comes the throw.

Richardson’s around the dirt!




He slides, he’s in there.

He’s safe! It’s a double!




He’s in there, Martini!

Look at Richardson, he’s on
second base.




Koufax is in big fucking

Big trouble, baby!




All right, here’s Tresh.

He’s the next batter!




Tresh looks in. Koufax…




Koufax gets the sign from

He kicks once, he pumps…




It’s a strike! Koufax’s curve
ball is

snapping off like a fucking




Here he comes with the next




Tresh swings!

It’s a long fly ball to deep
left center!




It’s going! It’s gone!




Somebody give me a fucking

before I die.




It’s the great Mickey Mantle,

Here comes the pitch!




Mantle swings!




It’s a fucking home run!




Gentlemen, stop this.




Stop this immediately.




Do you like it here?




That fucking nurse, man!




What do you mean, sir?




She ain’t honest.


Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (Milos Forman, 1975)










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