¿La vieja lucha de clases? (2)


P.D.ARIDA. "…Desert Sky/Dream beneath a desert sky/The rivers run/But soon run dry/We need new dreams tonight…" – In GOD’s Country (U2).








P.D.ILEGITIMA. "…Tryin’ hard to recreate/What had yet TO BE CREATED once in her life…" – What a FOOL believes (The Doobie Brothers)




P.D. GRIJALVA. "…STORMS are brewin’ in your EYES…" – Sara (Starship).




P.D.NEOLIBERAL. "…I’d sell my soul for you, BABE/For money to burn with you…" – REBEL Yell (Billy IDOL).






P.D.ABURTA. "…One man WASHED on an empty BEACH/One man BETRAYED with a KISS…" – PRIDE (In the name of LOVE) (U2).









Como en estos días ando bien BRUJA. ¿Alguien podría apiadarse de un DAMNIFICADO y obsequiarle como regalo de REYES el nuevo libro del John Perkins? Please, please, please.










      May I come in?

              If you bend your medial collateral ligaments…

              and place one talus in front of another…

              I don’t see where you’d have a problem.

              Of course, if there were a news story covering this event…

              the headline might read: "Small Brain Enters Room."

              The fingers. What’s the answer?

              Oh, you’re another one of those bright young fellows…

              who always know the right answer, is that it?

              Welcome to real life.

              How many do you see?

              – There are four fingers, Arthur. – No, no, no. Look at me.


              Y-You’re focusing on the problem.

              If you focus on the problem, you can’t see the solution.

              Never focus on the problem. Look at me!

              How many do you see?

              No, look beyond the fingers.

              How many do you see?


              Eight. Eight. Yes! Yes!

              Eight’s a good answer. Yes.

              See what no one else sees.

              See what everyone else chooses not to see…

              out of fear and conformity and laziness.

              See the whole world anew each day.

              Ah, the truth is, you’re well on the way.

              If you didn’t see something here…

              besides a crazy, bitter old man…

              you wouldn’t have come in the first place.

              What do you see when you look at me, Arthur?

              You fixed my cup.

              I’ll see you around…





Patch Adams (Tom Shadyac, 1988)









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