Un Carisma Avasallador (2)


¿Quién será el próximo gobernador de SONORA?

¿Porqué no hay oleadas migratorias a China o a la India?



Sitio interné de la semana:


Pa’ que vean que no solo nos quejamos de los “primos”. Existen de esos poquísimos “media outlets” que todavía resisten en el corazón del imperio. Un abrazo solidario a la “mamacita” Goodman:









Oigan, comp@s. ¿Creen ustedes que mi paisa ya perdió ese “timing” político que enloquecía a las féminas? Si anda medio extravia’o, ¿podría alguien avisarle que difícilmente se ha presentado una mejor oportunidad para darle la estocada al sistema? GraX.






J. Edgar Hoover: I have to wonder if you people realize the level of responsibility you carry. From my way of thinking, Motion Pictures are potentially the most influential form of communication ever invented. And there’s no control over it. Your message reaches everyone, everywhere.

Mary Pickford: Message?

J. Edgar Hoover: Of course, Mr. Chaplin here reaches millions who only have to see; and when they see a mockery being made of our immigration services, I call that a message.

Charlie Chaplin: Yes, well, uh, as you’ve already said Mr. Hoover, Motion Pictures are for the people; most of the people work for a living, and they don’t make much money doing it; gives them pleasure to see an official from the upper classes getting a kick up the backside. Always has, and it always will; and if that can change things, so much the better.

[in a better pronounced, less cockney voice]

Charlie Chaplin: Bet-ter.


CHAPLIN (Attenborough, 1992)









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